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How Does Your Online Presence Impact Your Job Hunt?

No matter who you are, your online presence impacts all facets of your life – including your job searching prospects. Whether positive, negative or neutral, your online presence can be the deciding factor of securing your dream job or getting rejected by a potential employer. In this blog, we investigate how being online can affect your job hunt and how a digital scrub up can best reflect who you are in real life. What Employers Look For With how social media has become part of our daily lives, it has shaped the way employers find new employees. In its most basic form, job applications tend to involve sending your resume, having an interview, knowing the outcome and starting work. But nowadays there’s another step involved – online screening. Each employer is different, so they might adopt different approaches for investigating your online presence. But no matter how they do

The Importance of Networking

Networking and connecting with others are the cornerstones of the business landscape. Knowing the right people and exchanging the right information can mean getting that job interview. Many people can attribute a specific social interaction to getting an interview or being hired. It can be the difference between getting your dream job or not. In today’s fast-paced world, networking skills are a great way to get ahead. Job agencies like Woods & Co are a valuable networking tool. At Woods & Co we see our relationship with job seekers as lifelong. As people grow professionally, we are here to help them along the way and connect them with the most suitable business owners. How to Network The prospect of networking can be intimidating, and this prevents many people from participating in it. It’s fine to start small. You can only get better. Making a LinkedIn account or going to

Do You Need a Cover Letter in 2022

If you’re not submitting a unique cover letter to each job application, you’re omitting a big part of your personality from your application. Just ask anyone in charge of hiring and they’ll tell you they want to hire a human and not a resume. Job agencies Melbourne-wide are hastily searching to fill roles as the Great Resignation continues worldwide. Post-Covid, many people have begun chasing their true dreams and leaving behind jobs that simply aren’t for them. This is where your opportunity will arise. The resume is simply the blurb that gives a brief overview of what a hiring party might be getting from you. But a cover letter is the book. If your cover letter is good enough, the audience – the company you apply for – may be so enthralled that they’ll be interested in meeting the author and organising a job interview. A cover letter gives

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Growing increasingly popular, working from home in 2022 is almost the norm and is enjoyed by around 46% of the Australian workforce, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. That’s around twice as many Australians working from home one or more times per week in April 2022 – compared to 24% in previous years. Although not a new concept, recent years have brought the pros and cons of working from home to light. As one of the best employment agencies Melbourne has to offer, Woods & Co are here to delve into the reasons why many want to WFH and why some don’t. Pros Flexibility  One of the obvious benefits of working from home is the flexibility it offers. This flexibility saves the employee a plethora of time. It provides the option to run errands such as go to the bank or the post office without the long lunchtime