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Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Now more important than ever before, a positive workplace culture is at the top of every job seeker’s list. Having a solid work culture attracts and retains the right people. 

Creating a positive culture boosts creativity and productivity. This is how your business will thrive. Reducing stress and increasing morale is the ideal way to ensure your employees don’t dread coming into work on a Monday. 

If you don’t create a positive workplace culture, you may find a constant need for re-training in the same role. Sourcing a suitable employment agency Melbourne wide can be tough, but Woods & Co have you covered for all your employment requirements.

What are Candidates Looking For?

Due to the pandemic, the Great Resignation in Australia saw employees re-assessing what was important to them. This long-standing dissatisfaction caused many people to quit their jobs and realign with positions that were of value to them. 

Candidates are now putting their physical and mental well-being before jobs. The rise in education surrounding mental health found many people were unsatisfied with their work and needed more from employers. 

Work-Life Balance

Flexibility and work-life balance is important. Giving employees the flexibility to take time off for mental health days, doctors’ appointments and the like ensures they are 100% present when in the workplace. No one wants to come to work when they’re sick or feel like they can’t ask for a sick day. Boosting productivity and overall contentment when at work, employees should comfortably be able to take time off work when they need to. 

Communication & Praise From Leaders

Workplace culture starts with leaders and spreads throughout the company. Happiness is contagious, and if the boss comes in with a bad attitude, it will flow through to the employees.

Leaders should be around for communication where needed. The senior team should have an honest and available demeanour towards employees. This reduces any hesitancy if employees have an issue or need to ask for something. 

Employees should know it’s okay to make mistakes instead of fearing them or being scared to ask for help. The workplace should be a safe space for communication – starting with the senior team. If your employees like you, they are more likely to put in the effort to help your business grow. 

Employees don’t like to be left in the dark and everyone should know what’s going on in the company and where the company is headed. This boosts cooperation with no one saying “that isn’t my job.” 

Achievements, big or small, should be celebrated. Whether that’s weekly shoutouts or employee of the month, everyone likes recognition for their work.  

Long-Lasting Relationships

Encouraging co-workers to be friends with each other creates an environment where people want to be. Moulding long-lasting relationships within the workplace boosts collaboration as people are more likely to bounce ideas off each other or ask for help if they get along. 

Things like after work drinks or team lunches also assists in building rapport within the company. This also helps reduce toxic workplace politics. Every employee should be seen and heard and there should be no bullying present. 

Workplace Involvement

The climate crisis is an important issue to many employees. They want to see businesses playing their part in helping the environment with initiatives such as recycling. Workplace involvement with charities or assisting communities is also important.


Often employees are sitting for eight hours a day. Ensuring they’re comfortable is crucial to productivity. Air conditioning and heating, comfy workstations, amenities such as a fridge or supplied breakfasts are all perks that candidates will factor in.

Development Opportunities

Possibly one of the most important factors to the next generation of employees is potential for future growth. Unlike past generations, employees don’t want to stay in the same role for years on end. Your staff will stay if growth opportunities are given to those who want them. Things like providing off-site education through short courses or onsite learning opportunities within the company should be offered. 

Woods & Co

At Woods & Co, we back our culture and know that all our staff are happy in their role. We work with businesses that align with our values and one of our pillars of value is workplace culture. 

Contact our talented team today to see how we can land you a job with phenomenal workplace culture or provide you with an employee that aligns with your impeccable company culture.

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