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Admin, Business & Reception

The Australian economy is largely powered by small businesses, which depend on a competent administrative team as their foundation.

✓ Learn to handle bookkeeping duties
✓ Learn how to become a fantastic receptionist
✓ Become competent at admin
✓ Learn skills for various types of small businesses

The admin, bookkeeping and reception courses by Woods & Co Education are fantastic for those wishing to brush up on their skills or learn new skills. The courses provided are great for both beginners and those with experience!

Agriculture & Farming

Woods & Co Education’s agriculture & farming courses are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the agriculture industry.

✓ Learn about topics such as soil science, crop and animal management
✓ Learn about sustainable agriculture, and agribusiness management
✓ Learn about the latest farming technologies
✓ Learn about the latest trends
✓ Learn about best practices to increase crop yields, animal production, and profitability

The agriculture & farming courses by Woods & Co Education are an excellent opportunity for beginners and experienced farmers to expand their knowledge and skills. We aim to improve your overall productivity and success in the agriculture industry.


Woods & Co Education specialises in hospitality, we provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry.

✓ Learn about lodging
✓ Learn about food and beverage
✓ Learn about tourism and events management
✓ Students may learn about customer service, marketing and sales
✓ Learn about both financial and staff management
✓ Learn how to improve leadership and more

Our hospitality courses aim to prepare students for a career in the dynamic and diverse hospitality industry, where they can apply their skills and knowledge to provide exceptional service to customers and guests.

Landscaping & Horticulture

Woods & Co Education provides students with knowledge in the landscaping and horticulture sector. Woods & Co Education offers a wide range of courses in these widely popular Industries in Australia.

✓ Learn about plant identification
✓ Learn about planting and plant nutrition
✓ Learn about different soils
✓ Learn about arboriculture
✓ Learn about landscaping and more

As the need for housing and land continues to expand, so does the demand for skilled and proficient landscapers who can deliver high-quality results. This is a perfect course for students without experience, or those with experience that want to expand their knowledge in the landscaping and horticulture space.

Lifestyle, Psychology & Coaching

Woods & Co Education’s lifestyle, psychology and coaching courses are aimed at helping individuals achieve personal and professional success through a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

✓ Learn about human behaviour
✓ Learn about mental and physical health
✓ Learn about psychology, behaviour and coaching
✓ Learn about lifestyle courses and more

The lifestyle, psychology and coaching courses by Woods & Co Education offer a comprehensive approach to personal development and can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to lead a more fulfilling life.


Woods & Co Education specialises in photography and has the certificate you need, regardless of the type of photography you wish to become an expert in.

✓ Learn about wedding photography
✓ Learn about event photography
✓ Learn about landmark & landscape photography
✓ Learn about portrait photography
✓ Learn about the photography business and more

In order to help people develop into experienced photographers, Woods & Co Education is passionate about providing the most modern and professional certificates. Talk to a course expert and discover the courses today!


Woods & Co Education aims to provide knowledge and the abilities to succeed in the security industry. Woods & Co Education provides a recognised Certificate II in Security Operations to function as a security officer in Victoria.

✓ Learn about crowd control
✓ Learn about unarmed guarding
✓ Learn about conflict resolution & more

After completing this qualification you will have satisfied the requirements to apply for a security license.

Wildlife & Animal

Woods & Co Education specialises in wildlife and animal care. We offer over 15 certificates created by professionals in the area to aid students in their work.

✓ Learn about zoology
✓ Learn about wildlife conservation and management
✓ Learn about reptile zoology
✓ Learn about equine business
✓ Learn about animal welfare and more

The wildlife and animal care courses by Woods & Co Education are perfect for any animal lover. Whether you want to get into dog grooming or learn about exotic animals we have the course for you!